domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Discos #37

Kubik + Evade "T(h)ree", 2010, Macau, Hong Kong e Portugal
AV Okubo "The Greed of Man", 2010, China
Bei Bei and Shawn Lee "Into the Wind", 2010, China, Inglaterra
Jah Wobble & The Nippon Dub Ensemble "Nippon Dub", 2010, Japão, Inglaterra
Haruomi Hosono "All Kinds of People Love Burt Bacharach", 2010, Japão
Yuka Honda "Heart Chambers Phantoms", 2010, Japão
Shugo Tokumaru "Port Entropy", 2010, Japão
Shuta Hasunuma "Wannapunch", 2010, Japão
Akira Kosemura "Grassland", 2010, Japão
Arcn Temple "Emanations of a New World", 2010, Singapura
Frenzy "Nein Songs", 2010, Coreia do Sul
Voyagers of Icarie " Dreams are Luxuries", 2010, Indonésia
Midnight Savari "Pinisi EP", 2010, Indonésia

Edição 25.12.2010

Discos #36

Guai Li, "Delusion", 2010, China
Groove Dog "Stupid Pop", 2005, China
The Swamp "Falling Into the Humid Haze", 2005, China

Edição 18.12.2010

Discos #35

Aureole "Imaginary Truth", 2010, Japão
Bad Daughter "Tiny Sun", 2003, Taiwan
Brilliant at Breakfast "Almost Verbose", 2009, Indonésia
Omnipotent Youth Society "Omnipotent Youth Society", 2010, China

Edição 11.12.2010

sábado, 4 de dezembro de 2010

Discos #34

Wu Fei "Distant Youth", 2007, EUA/China
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee "Into the Wind", 2010, Reino Unido/China
Glamorous Pharmacy "Rumbling Footsteps", 2008, China
Lamp "Hachigatsu No Shijou", 2010, Japão
Tomoyuki Kanazu " Prater", 2010, Japão
The Wentletraps "V/A Under the Covers", 2010, Filipinas

Edição 04.12.2010

Discos #33

Flipper's Guitar "Three Cheers for Our Side", 1989; "Camera Talk", 1990, Japão
Cornelius "Fantasma", 1997; "Sensuous", 2006, Japão
Pizzicato Five "Pizzicato Five", 1999; "Ça et Lá du Japon", 2001, Japão
Takako Minekawa "Fun 9", 1999, Japão
Cibo Matto "Viva LA Woman", 1994, EUA/Japão
Takeshi Nakatsuka "Rock 'n' Roll Circus", 2001, Japão
Towa Tei "Future Listening", 1995, Japão
Fantastic Plastic Machine "Imaginations", 2006, Japão
M&M Productions "V/A Showa 64", 1999, Japão

Edição 27.11.2010

sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010

Discos #32

Myanmar Hip-Hop Heroes, Birmânia
G-Tone, Birmânia
JM3, Birmânia
Blakk Bubble "Mixtape Vol. 1 Hip-Hop Joourney", 2008, China
Young Kin "Mixtape Vol. 1 Hip-Hop Journey", 2008, China
MC Han "Mixtape Vol. 1 Hip-Hop Journey", 2008, China

Xepy "Pandora Disc", 2010, Coreia do Sul
Onra "Chinoiseries", 2006, Vietname/França

Edição 20.11.2010

sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

Discos #31

Coco Zhao and The Possicobilities "Dream Situation", 2006, China
The Shanghai Restoration Project "Zodiac", 2009, China
Firo "Tender Grain", 2010, Japão
Kay Suzuki "Consciousness", 2010, Japão

Edição 13.11.2010

Discos #30

Flica "V/A Note of Seconds", 2010, Malásia/Japão
Dom Mino "V/A Note of Seconds", 2010, Malásia/Japão
Ametsub "Nothings of the North", 2010, Japão
Naoki Kenji "Less Ordinary", 2008, Japão
Takashi Wada "Araki", 2006, Japão
Jonathan Kusuma "Monyet Kota EP", 2010, Indonésia

Edição 06.11.2010

Discos #29

929 "Maybe Like Stars", 2008, Taiwan
Kulu "Floral Times", 2010, China
Kazumasa Hashimoto "Strangeness", 2010, Japão
Asobi Seksu "Hush", 2009, EUA/Japão

Edição 30.10.2010

sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

Discos #28

Frenzy "Nein Songs", 2010, Coreia do Sul
My Violaine Morning "Old Habits + New Technology", 2010, Indonésia
Candyaudioline "Saved it for Torture Reference", 2004, Filipinas
Queen Sea Big Shark "Queen Sea Big Shark", 2007, China
Special Others "Good Morning", 2006, Japão

Edição 23.10.2010

sábado, 16 de outubro de 2010

Discos #27

Arcn Templ "Emanations of a New World", 2010, Singapura
The Observatory "Darke Folke", 2009, Singapura
Asuna + Opitope "Sunroom", 2010, Japão
Hummingbert Stereo "V/A Note of Seconds", 2010, Japão
Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura feat. Miho Ota "V/A Note of Seconds", 2010, Japão
Akira Kosemura & Muneki Takasaka & Janis Crunch "V/A Note of Seconds", 2010, Japão

Edição 16.10.2010

Discos #26

Ryuichi Sakamoto feat. David Sylvian "World Citizen", 2005 EUA/Japão
Masakatsu Takagi feat. David Sylvian "Coieda", 2004, Japão
David Sylvian feat. Takuma Watanabe "Sleepwalkers", 2010, Reino Unido
David Sylvian feat. Toshimaru Nakamura & Sachiko M "Sleepwalkers", 2010, Reino Unido
Ryuichi Sakamoto feat David Sylvian "World Citizen", 2005, EUA/Japão
Matsuda Mitsuyoshi "Scene", 2009, Japão
Shuta Hasunuma "Wannapunch!", 2010, Japão

Edição 09.10.2010

Discos #25

Vibration "V/A Silent Agreement 1", 2003, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Mr. 78 "V/A Silent Agreement 1", 2003, Taiwan
Cold Fairyland "V/A Silent Agreement 1", 2003, China, Taiwan
Wednesday's Trip "Secret Mission", 2005, China
Apple Orchard "A Month of Spring", 2009, EUA/Filipinas
Flica "Telepathy Dreams", 2009, Malásia
Akira Kosemura "Tiny Musical", 2009, Japão

Edição 02.10.2010

domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

Discos #24

Monkey Power "Pop Songs", 2007, China
IGO "Synth Love", 2008, China
New Pants "Equal Love", 2008, China
No. 9 "9-9-9-9-9", 2009, Japão
Kuniyuki Takahashi "Walking Naked in the City", 2010, Japão

Edição 25.09.2010

sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Asian Beat

An introduction to the music scene 
which flourished
in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore 
in 1964-1969

"In the Sixties, Mainland China was busy with the Cultural Revolution, which branded Rock & Roll as a sign of Western decadence. Nevertheless, the "Beat Wave" hit big in two Chinese territories that remained open to British influence, Hong Kong and Singapore.  

Hong Kong

The Beatles concert in Hong Kong in 1964 marked the birth of the golden age of the Hong Kong pop scene. From 1964 to 1969, a great number of bands appeared. They sung in English, as Cantonese and Mandarin songs were considered to be old fashion. These bands normally did cover versions of songs from the UK or the US. This scene reflects the multicultural diversity of the city. Musicians of different nationalities were active in the Hong Kong band scene: Chinese, British, Swedish, Macanese, Portuguese, Pilipinos, Singaporeans and Indians, among others. The most popular venues for stage shows and gatherings for youngsters in Hong Kong and Kowloon were called "Tea Dances".  

These weekend afternoon dance parties took place in night clubs and Chinese restaurants, providing Hong Kong bands with an opportunity to play live. Major bands were signed by Diamond, a subsidiary label of Polydor: Teddy Robin & The Playboys, The Mystics, Joe Jr. & The Side Effects, Menace, Lotus, Anders Nelson & The Inspiration, The Fabulous Echoes, D'Topnotes, Mod East, Magic Carpets, Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, to name a few.  EMI on the other hand concentrated on the Mandarin song market, recording artists from the Shaw Brothers (the largest Hong Kong Movie company), such as Connie Chan (Chan Po-chu), Josephine Siao (Siao Fong-fong) and Nancy Sit, who recorded Chinese versions of international hits. 

Bands who joined EMI were relatively less active and less successful in the market: Thunderbirds (whose lead singer Robert Lee, was the brother of Kung Fu star Bruce Lee),  Thunders (from Macau, the only band that successfully crossed over to Hong Kong in the 60s), The Reynettes (who were a Filipino brother and sisters group),  The Quest, from Singapore, who  were stationed in Hong Kong in 1968. Most of the bands  disbanded in 1969. In the 1970s. Teddy Robin, Joe Jr and Sam Hui (of Lotus) all became solo singers. Yet the glory days were over. In the mid 1970s, Sam Hui single-handedly invented a new Canto-pop market. It proved to be very successful in the coming years, thus putting a final stop to the so called "Golden Band Era of Hong Kong".  


Here, groups were formed, signed, with records being released weekly. Furthermore, in multicultural Singapore bands were playing music but singing them in English (which was the major language), Malay and Chinese. Therefore fans had three streams to choose from. Cliff Richard and The Shadows played a concert in Singapore in late 1961 and that marked the beginning of the Beat group era with bands which were strictly instrumental. Most times, singers were an adjunct to the band. 

The arrival of the Beatles in 1963 changed the emphasis from the instrumental band scene to self-contained units with singers and instrumentalists, although strictly instrumental bands flourished for a long time yet in Singapore – as there was a need for instrumental music in many situations. 

Singapore's musical scene was a mix of different influences sung in English, Malay and Chinese. They ranged from popular bands like Quests who came from the early Sixties era, Naomi and The Boys who had a successful four year run, Antartics who personified the second wave of R&B tinged groups, then Malay groups like D'4 Ever, Les Kafila's, Mike Ibrahim and The Nite Walkers, Swallows, Ismail Haron and The Guys and two guests from Thailand - Dynamics and Fox. 

The music ranges from Pop R & B, early Heavy to the plain weird. It is a mix of Western influences and Asian ethnic diversity produce something unique that can only be called Singaporean pop."

sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

Discos #23

Thunders "Summer Fun", 1969, Macau/Hong Kong
The Mystics "Best of", 1968, Hong Kong
Teddy Robin & The Playboys "365 Days", 1967, Hong Kong
The Lotus "Just a Little/Spoonful of Sugar", 196_, Hong Kong
The Zoundcrackers "I Gotta Find Cupid", 1966, Hong Kong
Danny Diaz & The Checkmates "Diamond Records Best Selection", 2006, Filipinas/Hong Kong
Nancy Sit "Nancy Sit", 196_, Singapura
Dara Puspita "Dara Puspita 1966-1968", 2010, EUA/Indonésia
Thai Thanh "Saigon Rock & Soul - Vietnamese Classic Tracks", 2010, EUA/Vietname
Carol Kim "Saigon Rock & Soul - Vietnamese Classic Tracks", 2010, EUA/Vietname
Yol Aularong "Cambodian Rocks", 1996, EUA/Cambodja
Liev Tuk "Cambodian Rocks", 1996, EUA/Cambodja
The Son of PM "The Shadow Music of Thailand", 2008, EUA/Tailândia
Kyu Sakamoto "Sukiyaki", 1961, Japão

Edição 18.09.2010

quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Hoje Macau recomenda "Próximo Oriente"

Vem tarde, mas a propósito: o meu agradecimento ao jornal Hoje Macau pela simpática referência e recomendação. É bom saber que há ouvidos atentos.

Clique na imagem para ver melhor.

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Discos #22

Hong Kong in the 60's "Willow Pattern Songs", 2009, "Study Series 02: Cycles and Seasons", 2010, Reino Unido
The Swamp "The City", 2005, China
Re-TROS "Cut Off", 2007, "Watch Out! Climate Has Changed, Fat Mum Rises...", 2009, China
HZ "Stammer", 2004, China
Haruka Nakamura "Twilight", 2010, Japão

Edição 31.07.2010

Discos #21

Haya "Wolf Totem", 2009, Mongólia Interior, China
Hanggai "Introducing Hanggai", 2008, Mongólia Interior, China
Kin Taii "Tompa Series", 2003, China

Edição 24.07.2010

sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

Discos #20

B6 "V/A - WEVA", 2004, China
Jeven "V/A - WEVA", 2004, China
Dead J "V/A Bye Bye Rock'n'Roll", 2006, China
Me:Mo "V/A Bye Bye Rock'n'Roll", 2006, China
Scarlett Sung "V/A Bye Bye Rock'n'Roll", 2006, China
Zoojoo "V/A Bye Bye Rock'n'Roll", 2006, China
Naran "V/A Bye Bye Rock'n'Roll", 2006, China
B6 "V/A Bye Bye Rock'n'Roll", 2006, China
Fredricson "Misc", 2009, Japão
Nomak "Dynamic Meditation", 2010, Japão
Jonathan Kusuma "Misi EP", 2010, Indonésia

Edição 17.07.2010

Discos #19

Mappo Eggplant "Mapo Eggplant EP", 2010, Macau
Evade "Evade", 2009, Macau
Monkino "Human Error", 2009, Holanda/China
Queen Sea Big Shark "Queen Sea Big Shark", 2007, China
Casino Demon "Teenage", 2009, China
Moscow Olympics "To Keep the Avenues Open/The Farthest City EP", 2009, Filipinas
Everybody Loves Irene "V/A Half-Daydreaming", 2008, Indonésia
Shione Yukawa "Gray", 2008, Japão

Edição 10.07.2010

quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

Discos #18

Jim O'Rourke & Japanese Friends "All Kinds of People Love Burt Bacharach", 2010, Japão
Shugo Tokumaru "Port Entropy", 2010, Japão
Donawhale "Dive to Blue", 2009, Japão
My Little Airport "Poetics - Something Between Montparnasse and Mongkok", 2009, Hong Kong
Golden Teardrops "V/A A Summer Escape", 2009, Filipinas
Freckle "I Don't Know Rock'n'Roll", 2007, Taiwan
The Chinos "Goodbye, Victoria", 2006, China

Edição 03.07.2010

Discos #17

Space System "Nature", 2008, Indonésia
Voyagers of Icarie "Dreams are Luxuries", 2009, Indonésia
Svarghi "Ominous/Replant", 2010, Indonésia
Curah Melodia Mandiri "Pantai EP", 2009, Indonésia
Midnight Savari "The Sirens", "Pinisi", 2010, Indonésia

Edição 26.06.2010

domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Discos #16

Jah Wobble & the Nippon Dub Ensemble "Japanese Dub", 2010, Inglaterra/Japão
Jah Wobble & the Chinese Dub Orchestra "Chinese Dub", 2008, Inglaterra/China
Yoshida Brothers "Best of", 2008, Japão
Dou Wei "Rainy Murmur", 2001/2006, China

Edição 19.06.2010

Discos #15

White "White", 2008, China
Liu Kun "Hey Youth", 2010, China
Low Wormwood "We Can't Help Kissing Each Other", 2008, China
The Gar "The Gar", 2009, China
8 Eye Spy "How Damn Far to YinMa Lane", 2009, China
Ourself Beside Me "Ourself Beside Me", 2009, China
P.K. 14 "City Weather Sailing", 2008, China
Joyside "Maybe Tonight", Silly Girl", China
Carsick Cars "You Can Listen, You Can Talk", 2009, China
AV Okubo "The Greed of Man", 2010, China
24 Hours "No Party People", 2009, China
Snapline "Party's Over Pornostar", 2007, China

Edição 12.06.2010

domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

Discos #14

The Evening Primrose "Stargazer", 2007, Hong Kong
Hedgehog "Blue Daydreaming", 2009, China
The Gar, "The Gar", 2009, China
Caucus "In Vain You Are", 2009, Japão
Monocism "Monocism EP", 2006, Japão
Hideka "V/A Half Daydreaming", 2008, Japão
Asobi Seksu "Rewolf", 2009, EUA
Moscow Olympics "Cut the World", 2008, Filipinas
Candyaudioline "V/A Halfdaydreaming", 2008, Filipinas/Japão
Sonnet LVIII "Treasure Heaven EP", 2008, Filipinas
Sharesprings "Ceiling Blossom", 2008, Indonésia
Perfect Angel "V/A Half Daydreaming", 2008, Indonésia/Japão
Elemental Gaze "Let Me Erase You", 2008, Indonésia
Witherspoon "Scape & Sound", 2008, Malásia
The Majestic High "V/A Half Daydreaming", 2008, Coreia do Sul/Japão

Edição 05.06.2010

sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

Discos #13

B6 "Post Haze", 2008, China
Kashiwa Daisuke "Deepblue", 2006, Japão
Uran Okajima "A Princess Tale", 2008, Japão
Uyama Hiroto "A Son of the Sun", 2008, Japão
Akira Kosemura "Grassland", 2010, Japão
Primary Shapes "Here, There, Everywhere", 2006, Hong Kong

Edição 29.05.2010

sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

INTRO 2010 - Beijing Electronic Music Festival

PRÓXIMO ORIENTE was at this year's INTRO 2010, the second Electronic Music Festival in Beijing.

It was a one-day marathon of more than 40 DJs from all over the world spinning records, tickling clicks and manipulating knobs in three stages at 751 D-Park, east of 798 Art District.

The event lasted 10 hours. Robag Wruhme, dOP, OXIA, Takkyu Ishino and Beijing Djs like Elvis T, Dave K, Terry Tu or Liman rocked the place.

Cheers for everybody that helped organizing this event, specially Miao Wong and all the crew at Acupuncture Records.

All photos by Hugo Pinto, 22.05.2010.

Welcome to Intro 2010
Colorful visions
"Follow me, please"
Dead J
D Park @ 798 Art District
dOP, from France
Smiling faces
Good vibrations
Acupuncture Records rocks!
Night falls
Liman in action
See you @ INTRO 2011

segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Discos #12

Flica "Nocturnal", 2008, Malásia
Me:Mo "Acoustic View", 2007, China
Me:Mo/Akira Kosemura "V/A In This Nest We Found Our Winged Tales", 2009, Malásia
Dead J "Mental Imagery", 2005, "Mental Magic", 2006, China
Yukihiro Takahashi "Page by Page", 2009, Japão
Soft "The Definitive Japanese Scene Vol. 1", 2009, Japão
Force of Nature "III - European Edition", 2008, Japão
Aus "Lang", 2006, Japão
48 V "South", 2006, China 

Edição 22.05.2010

quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

Discos #11

Loro's "Pax", 2008, Coreia do Sul
Sarin "Jump From the Building and Release Your Heart", 2008, Indonésia
Taken By Cars "Endings of a New Kind", 2008, Filipinas
Cornelius "Sensuous", 2006, Japão
No. 9 "Usual Revolution and 9", 2008, Japão
Hopscotch "A Wishful Way", 2002, China

Edição 15.05.2010

sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Discos #10

T(H)REE "New Musical Roots From Portugal,  Hong Kong and Macau" 2010, Hong Kong, Macau e Portugal
Thumb Girl "Dear Su" 2008, "Broken Flowers" 2009, "The Children Lost in the Chord" 2009, China
Horse in Darkness "V/A Half of Bottle vol. 6" 2007, China
Pentatonic "If you don't understand the I can't explain it to you" 2009, China
48 V "South"2006, China
Bigger Bang "Bigger Bang" 2009, China
Pet Conspiracy "Pet Conspiracy EP" 2008, China
Slow Reverse "Slow Reverse" 2009, Tailândia
Aspidistrafly "I hold a wish for you" 2008, Singapura

Edição 08.05.2010